Welcome to HEDW


The Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum (HEDW) welcomes you to our new home.  It may be at the same address, but it has been completely rebuilt from the bottom up.  There are obvious cosmetic changes, but the same great HEDW content is still here.  As with any move there is still work to be done, so feel free to explore and let us know what you think.  Here are some highlights of our new HEDW 2.0 web site.


** NOTE : Presentations from the HEDW 2015 conference have been posted if they have been received from the presenters.

If you need help navigating the new site please contact the HEDW Board via this contact form.

New password

The migration to the new site required every password be reset in WordPress.  All members should have received an email with a new password.  If not, please use the Lost Password link on the login page.  Members can follow this link to reset their password.


The discussion forum is now integrated into the HEDW web site, sharing the same user database.

New Logo

The new web site banner is our first use of the new logo for HEDW.  You may see more of this logo in the future, at the upcoming conference or on merchandise.


Session descriptions and presenters from upcoming and previous conferences are now searchable.  Downloading the actual presentation documents is still restricted to members only.

Member and Institutional information

There are profile fields to maintain attributes about members and their institutions.  Members can be searched using this criteria.  Please insure that your profile information is up to date.


Why did we move?  We moved to WordPress as our underlying infrastructure so we could expand functionality as well as reduce the maintenance effort for our volunteers.  Using the bbPress plugin for our forum eliminates separate databases.  This move also allows us to reduce our reliance on any specific institution or member for web services.  This transition will increase our ability to provide more and better service to our members.