Welcome to HEDW

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The Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum (HEDW) welcomes you.

Our 2016 HEDW Forum, hosted by University of Rochester, was another huge success.  So many schools are doing such exciting things – and they share.  The presentations from the conference will be available to members as soon as we receive them from the speakers.  A notice will go out on the forum when most of them have been posted.

The presentations can be found in the submenu on the right side of the 2016 – University of Rochester page, or via this direct link to the 2016 Presentations page.

A special thank you to our fabulous hosts from University of Rochester, particularly Brenda Reeb our conference chair.  Thank you to our vendors for their support and wealth of knowledge to share with our members.  Thanks to our keynote speaker, Alec Sharp, and also Evan Levy, both of whom provided training sessions.  The most special thanks goes to all the members that attended the conference.  Whether they presented or not, everyone contributed so much to the content that was shared throughout our time together.

Planning is already underway for the 2017 Conference.  Plan early.  Our conferences do sell out.


If you have any questions please contact the HEDW Board.