Good news! We heard you!

We know HEDW members are busy. You’re solving problems and tackling challenges daily. So, when you have the chance to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, the lessons you’ve learned along the way from the setbacks and successes, and consider how you might help others by sharing your wisdom – it can take some time. It’s a different type of challenge, after all, and we want to help you be successful with it, too. We heard from many HEDW heroes one way we could help is to give you more time, so we’re doing that.

The deadline for your 2021 HEDW Conference Proposal submission is now January 30, 2021!

Now you can breathe a little easier, sit back, and imagine how wonderful it will feel when you present valuable tips and lessons learned with other members, helping to guide them toward success and knowing you helped make it possible. That’s what HEDW is all about: people like you helping people like you.

Want to know other reasons you’ll enjoy presenting at HEDW?

  • You’ll connect with members from across the globe at the HEDW international conference – without having to leave your home!
  • You’ll shine and be seen by hundreds of other leaders in fields such as Information Technology (IT), Institutional Research (IR), and functional/business expertise at all levels, earning respect and recognition you can carry with you.
  • Showcasing your hard work and accomplishments as a presenter at HEDW is a great way to build your network and meet colleagues from other colleges and universities.
  • Presenting at an international industry conference like HEDW is a great addition to your resume – and can lead to other opportunities in the future!
  • Do you get tongue-tied and twisted when you present live, but do great without an audience? No problem! HEDW audiences are always kind and support presenters, and this year you can pre-record your presentation if you prefer!
  • You’ll help so many people who are genuinely interested and want to learn the lessons and wisdom you gained while overcoming challenges; you’ll be helping them avoid the same mistakes and inspiring them to speed toward similar successes.
  • You’ll be able to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and may find new insights and inspirations to help you continue moving forward, conquering new challenges now!

So, enjoy the moment to relax, reflect, and remember – but don’t take too long! You’ll want to get your proposal in by January 30 or you’ll miss out on this great opportunity. You can submit your proposal at 2021 HEDW Conference Presentation Proposal

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know. We’re happy to help you become a HEDW star presenter.

Colleen Miller
(217) 244-5748