HEDW 2023 Conference – Sunday Training

Sunday, April 23, 2023 – 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Eccles Center – Ogden, Utah

There are two optional full-day Sunday training session choices available at the 2023 HEDW Conference. The course registration fee for each course is $500 (in addition to your HEDW conference registration fee). Your enrollment fee includes lunch and course materials. The number of seats available for each course is limited.

Delivering Data Analytics

Nick Kelly









Enterprises are turning to data to drive smarter decisions, and many businesses are expanding data access through self-service programs. But access to data does not guarantee success. This full-day program is designed to build the skills needed to drive the adoption of insights in data, visualize them appropriately, and communicate those discoveries for maximum business impact.

In this session, Nicholas Kelly will cover the principles of dashboard and data visualization adoption. Participants will discover how to leverage a process informed by change management and user experience to maximize dashboard usage. Finally, participants will be guided through data literacy techniques to communicate data-driven insights to others, driving action and behavioral change. During the session will be practical examples and case studies for how to apply these principles in the real world.

About the speaker: Nicholas Kelly is the principal consultant and trainer at G&K Consulting. He is a leader in analytics adoption having designed and developed dashboards for some of the world’s largest companies, from global banks to Formula 1 teams.

He is a frequent speaker at international conferences, has trained thousands of professionals in data visualization and analytics adoption and is the inventor of the Dashboard Wireframe Kit. Previously, he was a Deloitte Analytics Senior Manager.

Your Teamwork Trifecta

Bill Weingartner

Are you feeling exhausted at the end of every day? What if you could feel invigorated and revitalized by working in your true element! In this interactive session, you will discuss and identify the behaviors of high-performing teams, the qualities of ideal team players, and your natural genius, providing insights into how you can overcome burnout and instill a sense of renewal and greater fulfillment. Learning Outcomes:

  • Take inventory of your contributions and detractions toward cohesive teams and healthy organizations.
  • Identify the power of living in your genius and how that leads to success and fulfillment in your work and life while simultaneously reducing burnout and fatigue.
  • Understand how working genius energizes teams, team effectiveness, and every individual with whom you interact, both at work and at home.
  • Identify how to enhance the effectiveness of your work and productivity of your meetings by applying working genius principles.
  • Learn how to more effectively lead during transition.

About the speaker: Bill brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience to the challenge of building healthy organizations and high performing teams. Interacting closely with The Table Group since 2013, he has had the great privilege of working regularly and directly with Pat Lencioni to positively impact organizational culture and health within hundreds of organizations across North America.

Bill works regularly with leadership teams in quickly and effectively applying the concepts captured in all of Pat Lencioni’s books, always ensuring that consulting sessions, speeches, and workshops are practical, engaging, and actionable. His clients span a broad spectrum of various industries, including financial services, medical, technology, and service outreach organizations.

Bill’s 32 years of experience split between corporate America, small business ownership, philanthropy, and organizational health training underlies and drives his success as a consultant with The Table Group.

Bill began his career in wholesale and retail automotive aftermarket distribution. He later returned to Denver where he owned a business services company before focusing his efforts in philanthropy. Ultimately, these efforts led Bill to working with Lencioni and The Table Group.

Bill lives in Arvada, Colorado with his wife Roxanne.