Executive Board

Executive Officers


Gregory Menzenski
CDO & Assistant Director, Enterprise Data Services
Cornell University



Vanessa Brown
Associate Director, Business Intelligence Architecture, Applications and Infrastructure
Ithaca College


Sherri Flaks
IT Director, Enterprise Data & Analytics
Johns Hopkins University

Past President

Steven Chang
Director, Student Admin Systems Group
The University of Arizona

Communications Chair

Jeffrey Meteyer
Manager, Reporting & Analytics
University of Rochester




Conference Chair 2021

Dale Amburgey
Assistant Director, Institutional Research
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Research Chair

Heather Chapman
Director, Academic Analytics
Weber State University


Currently open


Program Chair 2021

Colleen Miller
Assistant Director of Data Architecture and Delivery


Executive Board Members at Large

Nadya Balabanova
Associate Director of Business Intelligence
Loyola Marymount University

Dave Baugh
Director, Financial and Reporting Systems
University of Louisville


Kevin Joseph
Senior Director, Business Intelligence
University of Maryland – Baltimore County

Patricia White
Assistant Provost, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research
Belmont University




Previous Leadership

Andrea Ballinger
Founding member, Board member 2005-06, President 2006-07, Past President 2007-08
University of Illinois

Ted Bross
Founding Member, Board member 2007-09, President 2009-10, Past President 2010-11
Princeton University

Anja Canfield-Budde
Conference chair 2011, President 2012-13, 2014-15, Past President 2013-14, 2015-16
University of Washington

Jeff Christen
Board member 2013-15, Conference chair 2013, President 2015-16, Past President 2016-17
Cornell University

Ora Fish
Founding member, Board member 2003-07, President 2007-08, Past President 2008-09
New York University

Bill Hayward
Founding member, Conference chair 2003, President 2003-06, Past President 2006-07
Northwestern University

Michael Hansen
Conference Chair 2018
Oregon State University

Amy Miller
Board member 2014-16, Conference chair 2014, President 2016-17, Past President 2017-18
University of Pennsylvania

Vicky Shaffer
Founding member, Board member 2005-07, Treasurer 2008-16
Virginia Tech

Jeff Stark
Conference chair 2010, Secretary 2010-11, President 2011-12, Past President 2012-13
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Martha Taimuty
President, 2017-2018, Past President 2018-2019
New York University

Emily Thomas
Founding member, Board member 2003-07, Secretary 2007-08, President 2008-09, Past President 2009-10
New York University

Suneetha Vaitheswaran
Founding member, Board member 2003-08, Secretary 2008-10, President 2010-11, Past President 2011-12
University of Chicago

Aaron Walz
Board member 2010-11, Secretary 2011-13, President 2013-14, Past President 2014-15, Research Chair 2016-2019
Purdue University

Phyllis Wykoff
Board member 2012-13, Secretary 2013-16, Treasurer 2016-17, Past Treasurer 2017-2018
Miami University (Ohio)

Previous Members at Large

Hank Childers
Board member 2013-15, Research Chair 2015-17
University of Arizona

Tony Damiani
Conference Chair 2013
Cornell University

Bob Dunaway 
Board member 2009-11
Seattle University

Helen Ernst
Board member 2010-12

Sherri Flaks
Board member 2016-17
Johns Hopkins University

Charles Gilbreath
Board member 2011-13
Georgia State University

Michael Glasser
Board member 2013-17

Jeff Glatstein
Board member 2008-09
University of Massachusetts

Becky Gribble
Conference chair 2009
Indiana University

Kim Griffin
Board member 2013-14
University of Chicago

Michael Hansen
Conference chair 2018
Oregon State University

Jim Johnson
Conference chair 2014
University of Pennsylvania

Rashid Khan
Board member 2011-13
Fordham University

Beth Ladd
Conference Chair 2015
Illinois State University

Sally Luoma
Conference Chair 2019
University of Michigan

Jeff Meteyer
Board member 2016-17
Rochester University

Mona Patel
Communications chair 2016-17
Purdue University

Luna Rajbhandari
Board member 2012-13
Northwestern University

Brenda Reeb
Conference chair 2016
Rochester University

Will Senn
Board member 2009-11
University of North Texas

Steve Singkofer
Conference chair 2017
University of Arizona

Jim Singleton
Board member 2008-10
Cornell University

Vijay Thiruvengadam
Board member 2008-10, Conference chair 2012
University of Texas