HEDW Membership

Who can join?

  • HEDW membership is open to any members of the higher education community
  • Members must have an email address ending with .edu.
  • Higher education institutions outside the US are also welcome, but must be manually registered by the HEDW Forum Executive Board.

How do I join?

  • The links and steps necessary for joining can be found by selecting the Join menu item

What if I am at a higher education institution outside the US?

What if my profile data is wrong?

  • Members can only edit their profile after logging on
  • Click the Edit Profile link under your name in the login box on the right side of the page
  • or Select the Edit Profile menu item under the Members menu

What if I change jobs and need to change my email address?

  • Your email address can only be changed by web site administrators
  • Your new email address must still come from a higher education institution
  • Put in a request via the contact form and be sure to include current and new email addresses

How do I unsubscribe from the forum digest emails and stay a member?

  • Digest settings are changed by editing your profile
  • Select the “Change Digest Settings” menu item on the Members menu
  • After making your changes, scroll to the bottom and click the “Update Profile” button
  • Click the “HEDW” link in the upper left of the page to return to the web site

What if I want to leave HEDW?

  • You can delete your own account, but you must be logged in
  • Select the “Delete My Account” menu item on the Members menu
  • or go directly to the delete page