HEDW Membership

Who can join?

  • HEDW membership is open to any members of the higher education community
  • Members must have an email address ending with .edu.
  • Higher education institutions outside the US are also welcome, but must be manually registered by the HEDW Forum Executive Board.

How do I join?

  • The links and steps necessary for joining can be found by selecting the Join menu item

What if I am at a higher education institution outside the US?

What if my profile data is wrong?

  • Members can only edit their profile after logging on
  • Click the Edit Profile link under your name in the login box on the right side of the page
  • or Select the Edit Profile menu item under the Members menu

What if I change jobs and need to change my email address?

  • Your email address can only be changed by web site administrators
  • Your new email address must still come from a higher education institution
  • Put in a request via the contact form and be sure to include current and new email addresses

How do I unsubscribe from the forum digest emails and stay a member?

  • Digest settings are changed by editing your profile
  • Select the “Change Digest Settings” menu item on the Members menu
  • After making your changes, scroll to the bottom and click the “Update Profile” button
  • Click the “HEDW” link in the upper left of the page to return to the web site

What if I want to leave HEDW?

  • You can delete your own account, but you must be logged in
  • Select the “Delete My Account” menu item on the Members menu
  • or go directly to the delete page

HEDW Board Membership

How are prospective board members nominated?

  • The Research Chair, Communications Chair, and Member at Large positions are open to any HEDW members. A call for nominations is posted to the Forum every spring for all open / member eligible positions.  Members may self-nominate.   
  • Candidates for the executive officer positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer) must have served on the board to qualify.  They can be present or past board members. The officer positions are nominated by the current board.
  • The only non-elected board position is conference chair.  The conference chair is appointed by the hosting institution.

How are board members chosen?

  • Please see response to “How are prospective board members nominated”.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the board, please talk to a current board member.  In addition to the board, the HEDW is always looking for volunteers to serve on committees.  
  • Elections are held each year in the spring using an electronic survey tool. The ballot is posted on the Forum and voting is open to all members. Election results are announced to the membership at the conference. The election is considered valid when two-thirds of the members of the HEDW Board participate in the election.

How many board members are there?

  • There are thirteen HEDW board members, with the following breakdown of roles:
    • President
    • Past President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Past Treasurer
    • Conference Chair (current year)
    • Conference Chair (next year)
    • Communications Chair
    • Research Chair
    • Member at Large (four, includes one Sponsor Chair assigned within board)
  • See below for a detailed list of responsibilities associated with each role.

What is the length of term?

  • All board positions are two-year terms, with the exception of President which is split into president (one year) followed by past-president (one year).

What is the time commitment?

  • We hold two in-person meetings per year (see What is the travel commitment below for details), plus a 1.5 hour monthly conference call.  Additional time commitment depends on the board role and sub committees.  Many of the roles have spikes in time commitment.  Most board roles require a few hours a week related to email responses, research, etc.

What is the travel commitment?

  • There are two travel commitments per year.  HEDW does not cover these travel expenses.  
    • Annual Conference: Board members are expected to attend the annual conference which includes
      • a short pre-conference board meeting (generally held shortly before the Sunday
      • evening conference reception), plus
      • a half-day strategic planning board meeting held the morning after the conference.
    • Fall Board Meeting: The fall board meeting is held at the site of the upcoming spring conference.  The fall board meeting is generally one to 1.5 days in length.

What are the different roles/responsibilities on the board?

  • President:
    • Oversee planning for the annual conference in collaboration with the other Executive Officers and the Conference Coordinator
    • Chair the Executive Board and preside at the business meetings of HEDW
    • Perform the duties of a master of ceremonies at the annual conference that occurs at the end of his/her term of office
    • Appoint committees to complete projects required to manage HEDW following consultation with the Executive Officers and coordinate with those committees to expedite completion of their work
    • Appoint HEDW members to organizational roles such as a Listserv Manager,  Communications Coordinator and Education Coordinator following consultation with the Executive Board
    • Have authority, following consultation with the Executive Board, to remove from office members of the Board who are unable to fulfill their responsibilities  
    • Have the authority to fill vacant Executive Officer positions as described in Section VII
    • Ensure that communications are maintained among HEDW members and between HEDW and other pertinent organizations
    • Promote membership in HEDW
    • Notify the membership of meetings,  additions to the website, and other pertinent information  
    • Organize voting on annual elections and other membership issues, including selecting a voting method—at the annual Business Meeting or electronically—notifying the membership, and tallying the results
    • Have signatory authority on HEDW accounts and the authority to commit HEDW to financial obligations agreed to by the Board
    • Perform other duties necessary to assist HEDW to achieve its stated purposes.
  • Treasurer:
    • Collect all required fees and maintain records of the income and expenditures of HEDW
    • Have signatory authority on HEDW accounts and the authority to commit HEDW to financial obligations agreed to by the Board  
    • Assume fiduciary responsibility for HEDW funds and other assets
    • Provide for the payment of the duly authorized expenses of HEDW
    • Prepare and present a complete financial statement to HEDW at its annual Business Meeting
    • Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Executive Board
    • Otherwise oversee and manage the financial affairs of HEDW.
  • Secretary:
    • Maintain a manual of policies and procedures
    • Maintain addresses and contact information for HEDW members including a list of members in good standing for use in elections
    • Maintain and publish annually a list of HEDW members
    • Prepare minutes of the business meetings and the meetings of the Executive Board
    • Ensure that the business of HEDW is conducted in compliance with its Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures.
    • Announce the annual Business Meeting to the membership at least 30 days before the meeting
    • Distribute proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws to the membership at least 30 days prior to the deadline for voting on them
  • Past President:
    • Chair and convene the Nominating Committee to prepare a slate of candidates for leadership positions consistent with these Bylaws for approval by the Executive Board
    • Distribute a slate of Executive Board nominations that have been approved by the Executive Board to the membership at least 30 days prior to the deadline for voting on them
    • Act for the President when he/she cannot fulfill Presidential responsibilities
    • Perform other functions as assigned by the President
  • Communications Chair:
    • Guide/manage website content, branding, hosting vendor relationship
    • Act as point person for handling communications (requests for help) from membership to the Board
    • Take a leadership role in defining and managing our communications strategy
  • Research Chair:  
    • Responsible for recommending, conducting, and reporting on research topics of interest to the HEDW membership and/or the HEDW Board.  
    • Topics of interest could include analysis of membership composition, analysis of membership characteristics or views based on surveys or interviews, and potentially analysis of special topics on behalf of the membership.  
    • Activities of the research chair are subject to HEDW Board oversight and approval.
  • Member At Large:
    • A member at large, like any other board member, has a responsibility to act with care and loyalty to the organization. Key duties include:
      • Setting the mission
      • Approving the budget
      • Determining the strategic direction of the organization
      • Other duties as directed by the Executive Board