2003 – Northwestern University

Best Practices in Higher Education Student Data Warehousing Forum

October 20-21, 2003

Presentations List

Data Warehousing: First Questions
Emily Thomas, Stony Brook University

Developing a University-wide Strategy for Maximizing the Use of Administrative Data
Jake Julia, Northwestern University

Operational and Managerial Student Data Needs
Frank Wunschel and Peter Weinstein, University of Connecticut

Student Admin Data Reporting from PeopleSoft® SA
Jim Janossy. Russ Patterson and Ed Schaefer, DePaul University

Building a Data Warehouse at Rensselaer
Ora Fish, Project Manager, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

M.I.T. Data Warehouse
Mary Weisse, MIT

Student Administration Data Design and Implementation Considerations
Andrea Backes and Shelly Diers, University of Minnesota