2007 – University of Texas-Austin

May 6-8, 2007 — Austin, Texas

Over 220 participants, from 94 different institutions, attended this year’s meeting of the Higher Education Data Warehousing (HEDW) Forum. This year’s success is due to those participants and our presenters. A word of thanks to our 41 presenters, co-presenters, keynote speakers and panelists whose experiences in Data Warehousing are of great value to this forum.

Presentations List

Keynote Address – Monday, May 7
Allen Goben, SAS Education Practice

Keynote Address – Tuesday, May 8
Brian Roberts, University of Texas at Austin

A Highly Theoretical, Evolutionally Stable Strategy for an Idealized Institutional Research Office in a World of Data Warehouses
Michael Dillon, University of Maryland-Baltimore County

Bringing Data Driven Decision Making to Community Colleges: Strategic Data Management at North Harris Montgomery Community College District
Martha Oburn, North Harris Montgomery Community College District
Marian Burkhart, North Harris Montgomery Community College District
Eric Donohue, SAS Education Practice
Tim Zeroski, SAS Education Practice
[ not available]

Carpe Data: Controlling Your Destiny in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
John Wilson, University of Arizona

Dashboards That Make a Difference
John Rome, Arizona State University
Andy Beier, Arizona State University

Data Warehousing at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: A Case Study with a Focus on Lessons Learned and Project Governance
Cary White, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Developing a Data Warehousing Data Quality Program
Mark Cumbow, University of Illinois
Jennifer Selk, University of Illinois

Dimensional Modeling Workshop
James Singleton, Cornell University
Vicky Shaffer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Jeffrey Stark, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
by Singleton
by Shaffer
by Stark

Getting the Most from Your BI Selection Process
Suneetha Vaitheswaran, Northwestern University

Higher Education Warehouse: Build or Buy? — Panel Discussion
Philip Doesschate, Stony Brook University
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Implementing a Purchased Data Warehouse
John Rome, Arizona State University
Kendal Burkhart, Arizona State University

Integrating Performance Management into the Strategic Budgeting Process
Natalie Kellner, New Mexico State University
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Long Beach Community College’s Insight Process, Focusing on a Right-Size Solution with Phytorion
Linda Umbdenstock, Long Beach City College
Janice Miller, Long Beach City College
Yiorgos Marathias, Phytorion
Ashley Silverburg, Phytorion
by Umbdenstock
by Marathias

Organizational Climate: Access and Security Considerations for an Institutional Data Warehouse
Maryann Ruddock, University of Texas at Austin
Kristi Fisher, University of Texas at Austin

Requirements for Dimensional Modeling: Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Aaron Walz, University of Illinois
Amanda Bodine, University of Illinois

Securing Your Data Warehouse
Michael Wonderlich, University of Illinois

Setting a Course for BI and Data Warehouse: The University of Buffalo Experience
Joseph Kerr, University at Buffalo

Technical Choices and Management Strategies for Rapid Development
Keith Garosshen, Bentley College
Pamela Hubley, Bentley College

Technical Discussion on Delivering 120,000 Reports Each Month at the University of Florida
Bryan Cooke, University of Florida
Lee Stevens, University of Florida

The Art of Defining Doctoral Cohorts: An Interesting Journey Courtesy of the NRC
Bill Yock, University of Washington
Ann Wunderlin, University of Washington

The Production Ready Warehouse
Jeff Christen, Cornell University

Using “Circles” to Build Cubes: Tools for Gathering BI Requirements
Kristi Fisher, University of Texas at Austin
Vijay Thiruvengadam, University of Texas at Austin

Using the RPI Data Warehouse for Retention and Graduation Analysis
Jack Mahoney, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

We Overpaid our Use Taxes by How Much?! Why a General Ledger Data Mart is a Good Thing
Bill Yock, University of Washington
BK Chen, University of Washington

Why Should the Provost Care about Cubes?
Bob Duniway, Seattle University