2008 – Virginia Tech

March 30 – April 1, 2008 – Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

A total of 238 participants from 121 institutions attended the 2008 HEDW Forum conference, including international members from Canada, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. Once again the success of the conference was due to the efforts of the keynote speaker and 45 presenters, co-presenters, and panelists who shared their experience in data warehousing and business intelligence.

Presentations List

Keynote Address
Institutional Performance Management: Taking BI to the Next Level
Henry Stewart, SunGard Higher Education

Association of American Universities Data Exchange Data Warehouse
John Scanlon and Mary Weisse, MIT

Building Next Generation Data Marts at Cornell
Jeff Christen, James Singleton and Yiorgos Marathias, Cornell University and Phytorion, Inc.

Building a Solid Foundation for Data Quality and Data Integration
B.K. Chen, University of Washington

Change Data Capture Made (Sort of) Easy
Mike Koontz and David Melton, University of Richmond

Cooperative Data Quality Checking and Improvement
Dylan Cooper, University of Arizona


Dash and Go: Working with Data Warehousing
Jacqueline Nottingham and Pamela McAlexander, Virginia Tech

Data Governance at MIT
Mary Weisse, MIT

Data Warehouse and BI Approved: Now What?
Joseph Kerr, University at Buffalo

Developing and Using Key Performance Indicators to Provide Institutional Strategic Direction
Jack Mahoney and Jeff Stark, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Empowering Institutional Change Across Virginia’s Community Colleges Through Data
Bruce Bartek, Tom Jones, Susan Wood and Monty Sullivan, Virginia Community College System

Enterprise Reporting at the University of Delaware
Kat Collison and Karen DeMonte, University of Delaware

Establishing a Business Intelligence Competency Center
Michael Wonderlich, University of Illinois

Expanding Data Warehouse Services: Opportunities and Risks, A Panel Discussion
Suneetha Vaitheswaran (convener), Andrea Ballinger, Ted Bross, Ora Fish, Jeffrey Glatstein

Faculty Workload Analysis, A Panel Discussion
Emily Thomas (convener), Robert Duniway, Richard Howard, Jack Mahoney, Aaron Walz

From Data Warehouse to Business Intelligence: The Michigan Journey
John Gohsman and Sean Mallin, University of Michigan and iStrategy Solutions

From the Data Warehouse and EIS to Business Intelligence: The Evolution of Penn State
Marta Miguel and Yvonne Riley, Pennsylvania State University

How Not to Manage a Data Warehouse Development Project
Bob Duniway, Seattle University

Lessons in Faculty Activity: From Politics to Analytics
Aaron Walz and Beth Ladd, University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana

Open Source Reporting at Indiana University
Robert Serbent and Rebecca Gribble, Indiana University

Security Data in the University of Washington Enterprise Data Warehouse
Anja Canfield-Budde and Glenn Pittenger, University of Washington

Tackling the Challenge of Integrating Locally Developed Applications with University Data
Lance Tucker and Josh Millinger, Boston College and Niantic Systems

The University of Texas’ Project Information Quest Working Model of Data Governance
Jarret Cole and Darin Miller, University of Texas at Austin

Tips and Tricks with SQL Queries
Michael Wonderlich, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Using PeopleSoft Reporting Tools with a Kimball-Style Data Warehouse
Craig Leslie, DePaul University

The Virtues of Cross Training
Steve Grantham, Boise State University