2009 – Indiana University

2009 Conference-Indiana University 

April 26-28 2009


A total of 200 participants attended the 2009 HEDW Forum conference.

Presentation List:
A Data Warehouse Implementation Experience with OBIEE for Institutional Research
Banu Solak, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

A First Look at Data Warehousing Kuali Financial System Data
Dylan Cooper, The University of Arizona

Biting the Serpent’s Tail: How to Turn Assessment into Improvement
Frank McCluskey, Dave Becher, Melanie Winter, Liz Wallace
American Public University System

Building BI Blueprints with Visio, Push-Pins, and String
Aaron Walz and Beth Ladd, University of Illinois

Building for Analytics: Critical Success Factors
Joanne Wilhelm (panel convener), John Rome, Jim Singleton, Jeff Stark

Business Intelligence for $7 A Day, Doug Price
Miami University

Can a Wiki Be Used to Define Data in a Data Warehouse?
Daniel Riehs, Boston College

Challenges of an Expansive Business Intelligence Project
Helen Ernst, State University of New York; Dan Brint, SUNY ITEC

Changed Data Capture for Data Warehousing
Madan Dorairaj and Brian Long, Princeton University

Connecting Data
Richard Howard and Linda Lorenz, University of Minnesota
Gerald McLaughlin, DePaul University

Creating and Maintaining Cross Functional Data Marts
Ted Bross (panel convener)

DAC! SMAT! GO! Or “A Solution to Implementing Data Security Standards”
Anja Canfield-Budde, University of Washington

Designing Dashboards to Die For
John Rome, Arizona State University

Dimensional Modeling Workshop
Ora Fish and Jeff Stark, RPI

End-to-End Business Intelligence Solution using Microsoft and IStrategy
Kim Berlin, Stony Brook University

From Data Model to Loaded Tables: Approach and Learnings
Joseph Kerr, University at Buffalo

Getting It Right: Successfully Deploying an Enterprise Reporting Environment
Kathy Luker, University of Wisconsin

Implementing a Data Warehouse at Drexel University
Insiyah Jamal, Drexel University

Keeping Up or Keeping Ahead
Michael Wonderlich, University of Illinois

MDM, Metadata, and BI: What Do We Mean and How Do They Relate?
Tim Wilson, University of Notre Dame
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Packaging Data to Ease Operational Pain: A Case Study for Payroll Reconciliation
Mark Pollard, University of Illinois

Reviewing a Successful Data Warehouse Change Management Program
Jennifer Selk and Michael Wonderlich, University of Illinois

Technical “Lightening Talks”
Ethnicity & Race Reporting for IPEDS and for the University, Vicky Shaffer
Incremental vs. Refresh: ETL Strategies and Considerations, Madan Dorairaj
Cultural Observations: Higher Ed and the Corporate World, Ian Wall and Vijay Gandra
Aggregate Tables to Make Your Star Schema Fly, Helen Ernst
“Agility” on a BI Project, Mike Deutsch

Three Elements for Successful Reporting at Virginia Tech
Alan Moeller, Virginia Tech

Using a Data Warehouse to Audit a Transactional System
Michael Glasser, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Using Factless Fact and Bridge Tables to Model Effective-Dated Human Resources Data
Sherri Woolard, Washington University

Vendor Relations: Achieving the Win-Win
Scott Wiggans, University of Denver

What I Get/Wish I Could Get from the Warehouse: The View from Institutional Research
Emily Thomas (panel convener), Linda Lorenz, Ed Schaefer, Linda Sullivan, Daryl Wright