2013 Sunday Training Session

Sunday Training Session

Sunday All-Day Training Session 8:30am – 5:00pm
Fee: $500 (includes breakfast & lunch)
(Participants should arrive in Ithaca by Saturday evening.)

Course description:


Training #1: Power, Politics, Partnership Workshop – Maureen Clarry

The core of this workshop is an exercise where you are assigned a role as an

executive, manager, team member or customer. You then interact in a chaotic,

fast-paced project environment and experience the reality of what makes

productive partnerships so critical, what gets in the way of them developing,

and what role(s) we play in making them happen. Throughout the interaction,

the instructors will teach you strategies to address the issues you experience

so you can immediately apply and practice what you learn.


When you leave this workshop, you will never be the same . . . you’ll be better at:


  • Using concrete strategies for working more constructively across

organizational silos

  • Addressing issues systemically rather than personally
  • Understanding the multiplicity of roles each of us play and how to

approach each role with more effective behavior




Training #2: Agile Data Warehouse Design – Joe Caserta


Agile Data Warehouse Design

  • What the Agile manifesto means for business intelligence/data warehousing
  • The challenge of proactive data warehouse development: the need for agile data modeling techniques
  • Becoming agile: supporting iterative and incremental data warehouse development
  • Agile data marts vs. enterprise data warehouses
  • ‘Just enough design up front’ (JEDUF) and ‘just in time’ (JIT) modeling
  • Modelstorming: practical techniques for facilitating interactive modeling
  • Modeling for measurement: the case for dimensional modeling
  • Using the 7Ws framework (who, what, when, where, how many, why and how) to discover and document BI data requirements
  • Incremental data warehouse development using data marts: the Data Warehouse Bus Architecture and event matrix planning
  • Data Warehouse reuse: conformed dimensions and facts, role playing dimensions


During the HEDW course, Joe Caserta will strive to provide examples and exercises that are relevant to Higher Ed.


About Joe Caserta:

Joe Caserta is the author, with Ralph Kimball, of best-selling book The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit, the de facto standard for building dimensional data warehouses. Joe offers more than 25 years of IT experience and over 15 years of delivering dimensional data warehouse solutions including experience in Higher Education. Joe delivers his published best practices in a way that encourages participants to immediately apply his techniques in real-life situations. Joe collaborated with Lawrence Corr in the development of Lawrence’s Agile Data Warehouse Design book, and they have jointly conducted data warehouse courses on numerous occasions.

About Maureen Clarry: 

Maureen Clarry has spent over thirty years working with hundreds of data management organizations as an analyst, data architect, DBA, project manager, manager, and management consultant. In 1992, she founded CONNECT, an innovative consulting firm focused on helping clients with the technical, data and organizational challenges related to enterprise data initiatives.


After 20 years as CEO of CONNECT, she successfully sold the company to Xtivia, Inc. in 2010. This positive transition enables her to focus her energies on public speaking, teaching and coaching related to the practical organizational, political and people lessons learned from her career experiences. Prior to founding CONNECT, Maureen worked at General Electric and Electronic Data Systems in a variety of technical and management roles. She is a frequent speaker at The Data Warehousing Institute, DAMA, Dataversity, and the University of Denver.