2014 Sunday Training Session

Sunday All-Day Training Session 8:30am – 5:00pm Fee: $500 (includes breakfast & lunch) (Participants should arrive in Philadelphia by Saturday evening.)


Course descriptions:


Training #1: Dimensional Data Modeling for Analytic Applications – Steve Hoberman

This session, which will contain many higher education examples, will prepare you for analyzing and designing reporting- and query-friendly business applications. We will apply a number of techniques to elicit requirements and arrive at a set of precise and complete business questions. Next we will create a grain matrix based upon these questions and use a subset of this grain matrix to build the conceptual, logical, and physical dimensional data models. This session contains both lecture and workshop, so after discussing a technique we will practice it!


About Steve Hoberman:


Steve Hoberman is the most requested data modeling instructor in the world. In his consulting and teaching, he focuses on templates, tools, and guidelines to reap the benefits of data modeling with minimal investment. He taught his first data modeling class in 1992 and has educated more than 10,000 people about data modeling and business intelligence techniques since then, spanning every continent except Africa and Antarctica. Steve is known for his entertaining, interactive teaching and lecture style (watch out for flying candy!), and organizations around the globe have brought Steve in to teach his Data Modeling Master Class, which is recognized as the most comprehensive data modeling course in the industry. Steve is the author of six books on data modeling, including the bestseller Data Modeling Made Simple. He is the founder of the Design Challenges group, inventor of the Data Model Scorecard®, and the recipient of the 2012 DAMA International Professional Achievement Award.


Training #2: Power, Politics, Partnership Workshop – Maureen Clarry


Knowledge management in colleges and universities requires a partnership and strong communication between technical developers, administrators of data access and reporting systems, data custodians, institutional researchers and consumers of data representing a variety of internal university audiences.  Yet, the Achilles’ heel of many organizations has been the lack of true partnership between these groups.    Many have provided lip service to this partnership over the years, but very few have truly committed to it with changes that break apart the organizational silos that we all live in. The winners will be those who can lead change and growth to maximize people, processes, and technology across the enterprise.


This course will help you see your organization from a whole new perspective! It provides insight and strategies on how to create cross-functional collaboration between the executive sponsor, the steering committee, data consumers, management, the project team, and technical staff. If your organization is struggling with misunderstandings between groups, misdirected energy, finger-pointing, lost opportunities, or dissatisfied customers, you will see new possibilities and solutions in this class.


The workshop is a blend of experiential exercises, cognitive theory, discussions, and application activities. But more importantly, it provides a sense of understanding that hits you like a wake-up call, the experience of seeing into the worlds of others in the organization, and the realization that you do have choices and can make a difference. With a common framework and more mutual understanding and respect across organizational lines, clear and practical strategies emerge for working together more effectively. And by working together effectively, additional energy is available for the task of making the organization more successful.


You Will Learn


  • How to address issues systemically rather than personally


  • The multiplicity of roles each of us plays in business intelligence and how to approach each role with more effective behavior


  • Concrete strategies for working more constructively across organizational silos


  • The predictable patterns that inhibit success and how to change them


Geared To


Program sponsors, data administrators, data custodians, institutional researchers, data consumers, project or program managers, technical staff struggling to make sense of organizational dynamics


About Maureen Clarry: 


Maureen Clarry has spent over thirty years working with hundreds of data management organizations as an analyst, data architect, DBA, project manager, manager, and management consultant. In 1992, she founded CONNECT, an innovative consulting firm focused on helping clients with the technical, data and organizational challenges related to enterprise data initiatives.


After 20 years as CEO of CONNECT, she successfully sold the company to Xtivia, Inc. in 2010. This positive transition enables her to focus her energies on public speaking, teaching and coaching related to the practical organizational, political and people lessons learned from her career experiences. Prior to founding CONNECT, Maureen worked at General Electric and Electronic Data Systems in a variety of technical and management roles. She is a frequent speaker at The Data Warehousing Institute, DAMA, Dataversity, and the University of Denver.



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