2016 Sunday Training

Higher Education Data Warehousing Conference 2016

Sunday, April 3 – 9:00am – 4:00pm

Fee: $500 (includes breakfast & lunch)

(Participants should arrive in Rochester by Saturday evening.)

Course descriptions:

Training 1 Tipping the Sacred Cows of Data Warehousing and Emerging Technologies
Evan Levy, SAS, Vice President, Data Management Programs
April 3, 2016  9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  $500

Enjoy Evan Levy’s trademark irreverent style as he provides facts and details that illustrate pros and cons of key data warehousing technologies, architectural approaches, and implementation methods.  His point/counterpoint view will give you the means to challenge or substantiate their adoption or deployment as a solution in your own organization.  In the second half of the program, Evan uses the point/counterpoint perspective on new and emerging areas of business intelligence and data warehousing and includes real world facts and experiences.  Topics reviewed

  • DW architectures – strengths and weaknesses
  • Technology folk lore and reality
  • The distraction of technology components (storage, processing – myths, lies, facts)
  • Disruptive technologies
  • DW alternatives – federation, MapReduce, NoSQL
  • Big Data alternatives and realities
  • Data types and information arrogance (structured, unstructured, !@$##S)

 Training 2 The Human-Oriented Data and Processing Modeling – Engaging Stakeholders and other Mere Mortals
Alec Sharp, Senior Consultant, Clariteq Systems Consulting
April 3, 2016  9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  $500

Above all, data models should be seen as a means of enabling communication among different stakeholders, including decision-makers, content experts, business analysts, and designers. Unfortunately, the communication often gets lost, either in the clouds, in the weeds, or somewhere off to the side. The result – confused, frustrated, or detached subject matter experts leading to inaccurate or incomplete models! It doesn’t have to be this way – simple techniques, consistently and regularly applied, will go a long way to ensuring involvement, buy-in, and communication. The first part of the workshop will describe core techniques, backed up by practical examples, for helping people appreciate, use, and possibly even want to build data models.

The second part of the workshop will look at how a data management professional can leverage skills in the business process arena. Our goal may be improved data and information, but experience shows focusing on business processes is a great way to get the attention and support of the enterprise. After all, business processes are at the heart of what an enterprise does and how it delivers value. The problem is that organizations and analysts struggle when working with business processes. They fail to properly identify true, end-to-end business processes, and it’s all downhill from there – ignoring the inherent resistance to “process,” failing to depict processes and their issues in a compelling way, and not effectively using them to establish context and elicit specific requirements. The workshop touches on all phases of a project, including introducing business process concepts, discovering processes, scoping and assessing the target process, and modeling processes.

With 35 years of consulting experience, Alec has provided hands-on data modelling and data management expertise throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and Australasia – his presentations are based on real-world experience, not textbook theory. Alec has also delivered hundreds of Data Modelling and Advanced Data Modelling workshops, and top-rated presentations at international conferences, including “The Seven Deadly Sins of Data Modelling,” “Data Modelling – New Uses for New Times,” “The Lost Art of Conceptual Modelling,” and “Getting Traction for Data Modelling – Winning Over the Masses.” Alec is the author of “Workflow Modelling, Second Edition” (Artech House, 2009) which is a consistent best-seller in the field, and is widely used as an MBA text and consulting guide. At Enterprise Data World 2010, Alec was awarded DAMA’s 2010 Professional Achievement Award, a global award given to one professional a year for contributions to the Data Management profession.

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