2016 Vendor Showcase

The vendor showcase, providing both vendors and HEDW members the opportunity to discuss needs, solutions and services, will be available throughout the entire conference. We have been fortunate to attract major software providers as well as those smaller service based firms that provide guidance, development resources surrounding implementation of solutions as well as pre-packaged “all-in-one” reporting/database solutions. All vendors featured were recommended by colleagues who belong to HEDW and therefore have proven experience in higher education environments. Please visit them if you want to learn more about how experts view data management and information delivery and what they offer their clients.

The Vendor Showcase is open to Conference participants in Grand/Regency Foyer area at the following times:

  • Monday (4/4): 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday (4/5): 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday (4/6): 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Vendors will also be available on Sunday during the opening reception.

2016 Sponsors

IData Incorporated (http://www.idatainc.com)

IData is THE Data Management firm for Higher Education.  At IData, our mission is to help higher education institutions be successful through effective data management and innovative technology. This includes services and products developed from our deep experience and knowledge working with the data and systems that run higher education.  Products include: Data Cookbook and the IDataHub.  Services include: Data Governance and Reporting, System Integration, and Technology Consulting. For more information, visit www.idatainc.com.

ASR Analytics, LLC (http://www.asranalytics.com/)

ASR Analytics, LLC (ASR) is a GSA certified small business that provides analytic consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors. Founded in 2004, ASR has quickly developed a reputation for thought leadership in the business intelligence and policy research community, by helping our clients to make better decisions through the integration, validation, and analysis of their operational data. ASR’s staff includes PhD economists and statisticians, survey researchers, as well as experienced analytics programmers, BI implementation specialists, data warehouse developers, and database analysts.

ASR has leveraged these resources and capabilities to deliver outstanding results for clients across the higher education market including two year and four year as well as public and private institutions. Our practitioners have served as trusted advisors to Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Chancellors, Institutional Researchers, and Information Technology teams including South Dakota Board of Regents, Morehead State University, Western Governor’s University, Howard Community College, Oklahoma City Community College, Davidson County Community College, and many others. ASR has also led high-profile business intelligence readiness assessments for institutions embarking on the journey to a “Culture of Evidence.”  We have used the results from these studies to provide evidence-based guidance for organizational improvements.

HelioCampus (http://www.heliocampus.com/)

HelioCampus combines a powerful business-intelligence platform with guided analysis from education experts. Easy to use and understand, our platform consolidates and presents your data in ways that allow you to make faster, more informed decisions.

Incisive Analytics, LLC (http://www.incisiveanalytics.com/)

Incisive Analytics, LLC (IA) is a Cleveland-based, analytics and business intelligence consulting services firm. Our core services focus on solving our clients’ most challenging business analytics and information related problems. Our approach is to collaborate with every client, creating a unique experience to deliver results that equip our clients to make strategic decisions based on Take Action Analytics!

What does IA do?

  • We coach organizations to think measurements for better performance.
  • We identify appropriate things to measure.
  • We write the mathematical measurement formulas.
  • We design and create the measurement visualization dashboards and reports.
  • We design the target measurement database.
  • We design and code the data integration to populate the measurement database.
  • We assess and correct data quality.
  •  We teach clients how to think and do Business Intelligence.

Performance Architects, Inc. (http://www.performancearchitects.com)

Performance Architects, Inc. is a business and technology consulting company that partners with our customers to initiate and sustain significant improvements in enterprise performance. We offer business consulting to help establish and enhance performance management processes either across an organization or within specific functions; technology consulting to make sure that the appropriate data and information are available to make the best decisions to improve performance; and industry expertise to provide the context for what an organization should do to lead within its segment. Our technology focus is particularly strong in the enterprise performance management (EPM), data discovery, and business intelligence (BI) or business analytics (BA) arenas, as well as the underlying analytic architecture (data warehousing, “unstructured data,” ETL, engineered systems, etc.).  We offer deep experience in the Higher Education industry, where our team has successfully completed hundreds of projects over the years. We proudly boast 100% customer reference-ability.

Phytorion (http://www.phytorion.com)

Established in 2005 and focused on Higher Education, Phytorion deploys pre-built analytics and data warehouses for Student, HR and Finance that are customized to every college’s and university’s exact needs, including integrating any third-party sources.

What fundamentally distinguishes our approach is our willingness and ability to create a solution that fits not just the generic but your specific institution.  Whether that means dealing with unique requirements or a need to build internal consensus first; limited IT support or large and complex IT departments with detailed standards and procedures; focused data mart needs or comprehensive enterprise data warehouse initiatives – we will work with you to create the right project and solution.  And by working with your existing RDBMS, ETL and BI tools, we reduce your cost and accelerate the implementation timeline to meet your budget and schedule.

WhereScape (http://www.wherescape.com)

WhereScape is the pioneer of data warehouse automation software for profiling, building, extending and managing data warehouses, analytic systems and big data environments.  More than 700 customers including Cornell University, University of Washington, Weber State and West Virginia Network use WhereScape to accelerate and automate development while delivering fully documented solutions in DB2, SQL Server, Teradata and Oracle, analytic appliances and Hive and Hadoop big data platforms.

WhereScape RED is an agile, rapid integrated development environment exclusively for building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses and analytic systems.   WhereScape 3D is the industry’s first data driven profiling tool.

Evisions (https://evisions.com/)

Evisions is a leading provider of innovative, easy–to-use software solutions that automate business processes for higher education and research administration professionals. Supported by world class customer support and a commitment to a superior user experience, Evisions products simplify and streamline workflows, eliminate manual and redundant processes, and increase productivity through greater efficiency. Learn more or join the conversations at www.evisions.com/higher-education, www.evisions.com/research, @EvisionsInc and blog.evisions.com.

Academic Analytics (http://www.academicanalytics.com/)

Academic Analytics is a full-service provider of business intelligence solutions for higher education. Founded in 2005 to address universities’ growing need for accurate and timely strategic data, Academic Analytics provides its clients with data and solutions drawn from nuanced analyses of national disciplines and custom peer comparisons at the institutional, department, program and individual faculty level.

The Academic Analytics database includes data on the primary areas of scholarly accomplishment represented in Ph.D. education. All data are matched to individual scholars; the “person” is the unit of analysis.

Book publications                                Journal article publications                Conference proceedings

Journal article citations                      Federal grants                                      Professional honors and awards

The database includes information on over 220,000 faculty members, associated with more than 9,700 Ph.D. programs and 11,000 departments at 409 universities in the United States and abroad

Academic Analytics data and tools can be employed across campus by administrators, librarians and faculty. These data provide university leaders with a broad spectrum of applications: for example, users are able to review academic units with discipline-relevant comparisons, populate open-access repositories such as VIVO or ORCID, model program development scenarios, analyze and mentor faculty in their career trajectory, identify faculty for national disciplinary awards, analyze graduate placement and outcomes, and uncover or help foster research networks and clusters.

Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/school-leaders/School-Campus-Administration/default.aspx)

Microsoft is working to bring the benefits of technology and technology skills to all. We share the ultimate aim of all stakeholders: to use technology to help improve education and learning, create opportunity, and raise living standards for people around the world. Our commitment therefore, is to the success of each educator and learner.  Our mission is to help learners and educators throughout the world realize their full potential. That is why Microsoft partners with education communities around the world to deliver a relevant and effective scalable set of technologies, services and programs that focus the contributions of many on improved learning outcomes for the individual.

Axis Group, LLC and Qlik

Axis Group (http://www.axisgroup.com)

Axis Group is committed to helping its clients gain a competitive advantage by delivering solutions that effectively drive change through new data discoveries.  With nearly 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients across the US, we’ve had the unique pleasure of working with companies in a variety of industries to understand the key drivers that make these companies successful. No one understands your information challenges better than we do.

Qlik (http://www.qlik.com/solutions/industries/public-sector)

Qlik® (NASDAQ: QLIK) is a leader in visual analytics, providing a fully integrated, simple, and intuitive visual analytics platform that delivers insight at the point of decision. Qlik delivers a complete analytics solution that includes self-service and governed data visualization, centralized guided analytics, collaborative analytics and reporting, and embedded analytics. Approximately 37,000 customers worldwide rely on Qlik solutions to gain meaning out of information from varied sources, exploring the hidden connections within their data that lead to insights that ignite good ideas. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Qlik has offices around the world with more than 1,700 partners covering more than 100 countries.

The Qlik portfolio is comprised of three core solutions — all powered by its patented engine technology. Qlik Sense® is a next-generation visual analytics platform, QlikView® is a proven guided analytics and dashboarding solution, and Qlik® Cloud is a growing portfolio of SaaS apps.

Qlik brings specific industry and functional-level experience to market. Its world-class consulting, training, and support services ensure users get the most from their Qlik implementation. Qlik’s extended ecosystem includes a user community of more than 100,000 participants and a marketplace for sharing applications, data, and knowledge.

Entigence Corporation (http://www.entigence.com)

Entigence Corporation is an information technology provider located in Washington DC.  Our global team provides solutions for business intelligence and analytics for higher education, public sector, and commercial clients using traditional and big data technologies.  Top tier universities leverage our data models and best practices for high-impact decisions.  We are the creators of an innovative faculty information system called Lyterati – a comprehensive SaaS solution – used by 6,000 faculty.   Lyterati helps you manage faculty achievements and performance with unprecedented access to faculty data for institutional and collaborative use.  Entigence was included in the “20 Most Promising Education Tech Service Providers” list in 2014 by CIOReview. Visit us at www.entigence.com and www.lyterati.com for more information.

Corporate Technologies, Inc. (http://www.cptech.com)

Founded in 1994, Corporate Technologies, Inc. is a specialist consultancy/integrator with a reputation for tailored, high value Data, Business Intelligence and Infrastructure solutions for large and small enterprises across many industries.  We have served the Higher Education community with data/BI expertise ranging from grant tracking, admissions optimization, donor optimization and data warehouse best practices.   Our Higher Ed services also include infrastructure leadership in data center strategies (storage, backup, virtualization, cloud), customized security/SSO solutions, data masking and application retirement.

Informatica (http://www.informatica.com)

Informatica is a leading independent software provider focused on delivering transformative innovation for the future of all things data. Organizations around the world gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their top business imperatives. The Informatica Platform is an intelligent data platform, which includes data integration, data quality, master data management, data archiving and data security capabilities, to empower customers to transform raw, possibly unsafe, data into great data for more accurate insights and more effective decisions. More than 5,800 enterprises depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets residing on-premise, in the Cloud and on the internet, including social networks.

Tableau Software (www.tableau.com)

Connect to any data source, size or type. Analyze and create dashboards. Share with browser & mobile-based analytics. All within your data architecture and security protocols.

Meet the new face of business intelligence: Tableau Software. Tableau helps people see and understand data. Its award-winning software delivers fast analytics, visualization and rapid-fire business intelligence on data of any size, format, or subject. The result? Anyone can get answers from data quickly, no programming required. From executive dashboards to ad-hoc reports, Tableau lets you share mobile and browser-based, interactive analytics in a few clicks. Over 26,000 companies and organizations, including the world’s largest enterprises, rely on Tableau.

Shift into the do-it-now era with the easiest, fastest and most agile BI solution in the market. With Tableau, business users get what they need and IT saves time and money.