Complementary Wednesday Afternoon Training

Katie Frank,
Zingerman’s Training, Inc.

Servant Leadership

Strong leadership and innovative management practices have been key to Zingerman’s success. In an era of increased competition and a tighter labor market, a positive company culture and identity, together with an inspiring vision for the future, can have an enormous impact on customer and staff loyalty.
In this workshop, we will share Zingerman’s unique management philosophy, based on the concepts of Servant Leadership. In addition to being a central piece of Zingerman’s internal management training, these concepts have been enthusiastically received by a number of outside clients, representing libraries, manufacturers, non-profit organizations, health-care providers, and more.


Bio – Katie Frank

It was Katie’s love for food that led her to Zingerman’s. Katie attended Vanderbilt for a B.A. in Human and Organizational Development and a Masters in Human Resource Development.

Following graduation, Katie’s education and love of baking converged at Bread and Company, Nashville’s once premier bakery. Katie worked her way from a retail staffer up to Director of Retail Operations.

In 2005, Katie joined Zingerman’s Bakehouse as a retail manager, where she grew sales 40% in six years.  In 2011, Katie joined the ZingTrain team as a Trainer and she shares her operational experience as a basis for her teaching on Customer Service, Servant Leadership, Visioning and Bottom Line Change.  Additionally, Katie co-facilitates Zingerman’s internal Leadership Development Program and joined Maggie Bayless as a managing partner in 2018.