2006 HEDW Forum – University of Illinois

2006 Conference-University of Illinois

April 2-4, 2006

Over 160 participants, from 78 different institutions, attended this year’s meeting of the Higher Education Data Warehousing (HEDW) Forum. This year’s success is due to those participants and our presenters. A word of thanks to our 23 presenters, co-presenters, key note speakers and panelists whose experiences in Data Warehousing are a great value to this forum.


Build the Data Warehouse and They Will Come…Or Will They?
Building a Reporting Solution to Support Quality and Institutional Effectiveness
Challenges of Implementing a Vendor Provided Reporting Solution
Cornell’s Approach to Supporting the Data Warehouse
Data Models for a Financial Aid Data Mart
Data vs. Tool Instruction: An Overview of Penn State’s Data Warehouse Training Model
Engaging the Academic Community in a Higher Education BI Project
Involving Institutional Researchers and other Power Users when Building Your Warehouse
Know Your Customers
Leveraging BI Technology and Analytics at Towson University through iStrategy