2019 – Data Modeling for Beginners

Presentation Summary

Have you ever built a warehouse data mart to incorporate a new line of business (or department), only do discover that what you built did not match the business process and needed to be significantly modified? Data modeling is a framework for understanding and communicating data definitions, relationships, and process rules. When done properly modeling ensures understanding between the development team and the business team regarding business processes. Besides clearer communication, data modeling is also used to plan and document the physical structure of the data. This presentation will overview the different types of data modeling used in data warehouse development. Attendees will learn the importance of data modeling in the data warehouse development lifecycle, how to develop business, logical, and physical data models, and how SLCC has employed data modeling in their data warehouse development.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Rochelle Smits-Seemann & Abby Kaplan, Salt Lake Community College

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