A Common Currency: Data Governance Excellence as an Enterprise Process

Presentation Summary

Laura Whitaker, Education Advisory Board

When EAB’s IT Forum asked its member CIOs what their most pressing challenges were for 2014-2015, "building an analytics capability" topped the list. CIOs were getting requests for data from all over campus and beyond - academic leaders requesting help to make program prioritization decisions, deans trying to increase enrollment with new RCM budget models, boards of trustees wanting to assess progress on institutional goals, etc. The task to become a "data-driven university" often fell to IT, and CIOs needed help getting there. When seeking the root cause problems preventing this transformation, EAB found it wasn’t a lack of technology or data, but rather minimal data governance and poor data quality that holds institutions back. EAB’s research identifies best practices for setting up data governance for sustainability and improving data quality in source systems. This session will include a presentation highlighting best practices in higher education followed by an extended Q&A session for attendees to ask questions of EAB researchers.

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Laura Whitaker

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