Automating Data Governance and Stewardship in Autonomous and Decentralized University Environments

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Pieter De Leenheer, Collibra

Data Governance and Stewardship requires automation of business semantics management at its nucleus, in order to achieve data trust between business and IT communities in the organization. University divisions operate highly autonomously and decentralized, and are often geographically distributed. Hence, they benefit more from an collaborative and agile approach to Data Governance and Stewardship approach that adapts to its nature.
In this lecture, we start by reviewing ‘C’ in ICT and reflect on the dilemma: what is the most important quality of data being shared: truth or trust? We review the wide spectrum of business semantics. We visit the different phases of growing data pain as an organization expands, and we map each phase on this spectrum of semantics.

Next, we introduce our principles and framework for business semantics management to support Data Governance and Stewardship focusing on the structural (what), processual (how) and organizational (who) components. We illustrate with use cases from Stanford University, George Washington University and Public Science and Innovation Administrations.

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Pieter De Leenheer

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