Blame the Data Warehouse?

Presentation Summary

Suzanne Coletti and Ted Bross, Princeton University

The Data Warehouse and the BI tools used to support the Warehouse have made data much more accessible to our campus community. However, in doing so, the new and critical question becomes who has the responsibility for insuring that the data are properly used and disseminated? The Data Warehouse group can insure that only users with proper security can access the data, but once the data have been downloaded or otherwise disseminated to individuals or to departments, that tight level of control may be threatened. This issue has always existed, but now, since it is much easier to access and disseminate the data, new questions of security arise. How much of the responsibility for educating our users to understand the proper care and security of the data accessed from the Warehouse lies with the Warehouse team? Are these university guidelines or policies that exist to address this issue? We'll explore some of the sensitive data stored in the Warehouse, what we can do to educate users and mitigate risk, and discuss what responsibilities should and should not lie with the Warehouse team after the data have been extracted.

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Suzanne Coletti
Ted Bross

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