Building a second generation BI community at Purdue

Presentation Summary

Aaron Walz, Purdue University

What if you had a chance to start your BI implementation over, knowing what you know now? Purdue University implemented a successful custom Warehouse in its mainframe days, followed by mixed results with off-the-shelf Warehouse products in the years following two ERP implementations. We're now in the process of building a "second generation" BI community, taking advantage of the lessons of those past implementations, as well as the experience of a new Director who spent 12 years at another university helping build the BI function there. (Hint: approaching BI as a community is one of those lessons.) Knowing what we know now, how are we doing it over again? This presentation will cover successful practices as well as pitfalls to avoid, with examples. In addition, we'll discuss the impact of the increasing push for analytics and how we're evolving to meet these new demands.

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Aaron Walz

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