Business Intelligence Training and Communication Strategies – Panel Discussion

Presentation Summary

Rachel Kemelman New York University Associate Director, Training & Communications
Suneetha Vaitheswaran University of Chicago Director, Business Information Services
Beth Ladd University of Illinois Assistant Director, Business Information
Shelly Turner University of Michigan Application Developer Lead
Don Simpson University of Texas at Austin Data Quality Assurance Analyst
Ann Wunderlin University of Washington Education & Communication Manager

This panel discussion is intended for Business Intelligence managers/directors who have planned and executed an end-user Training and Communication Strategy for the implementation of a DW/BI. We are looking to collaborate with a small group of individuals from large, complex and de-centralized universities, as these factors create unique challenges to overcome. The objective of this panel discussion will be to review various training and communication approaches, whether they were successful or not (and if so, why not), what they would do differently, what lessons were learned, and what could be done to ensure a successful BI rollout. This panel will also be given an opportunity to present their proposed training and communication methodologies and get input from the participants, allowing all to share their ideas and help fellow HEDW members in their efforts. As the lead in the panel discussion, I will present the panel with various BI training and communication topics, and also help to facilitate the group discussions. I will also weigh-in with various training and communication strategies that I’ve executed in the past, and discuss the successes and pitfalls of the approaches.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Rachel Kemelman
Suneetha Vaitheswaran
Beth Ladd
Shelly Turner
Don Simpson
Ann Wunderlin

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