Course Enrollment Management Using Traditional Reporting and Business Intelligence Techniques

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Billie Watts, Western Washington University

A simple flat style report using course history detail and projected enrollment counts reduced the number of courses offered by 10%-15%. Course data on the report included number of sections and enrollment over three academic years and current enrollment and waitlisting. Based on these enrollment numbers and next year admission’s projections the number of courses and sections needed were calculated. After eliminating 10-15% of fall quarter courses offered in the first year of use we had the best course access in ten years. New waitlisting numbers added to the report have allowed the creation of multiple new sections of courses that students want to take rather than just courses faculty want to teach. Additional business intelligence web reporting was accomplished using MS Excel spreadsheet pivot tables, Microsoft Analysis Services cubes, and graphical front ends. Our four web solutions provide interactive views on courses offered, student credit hours, declared majors and awarded degrees. This reporting is used by our Provost, Deans and Department Chairs to see trends in enrollment, programs, courses, and degrees. These solutions have provided information in difficult budget times that enabled executive management and departments to make Western Washington University leaner and more efficient.

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Billie Watts

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