Data Visualization – Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

Presentation Summary

Michael Wonderlich, University of Illinois

Today’s decision makers need current information they can assess quickly and accurately. Visualizing the data through graphical representation conveys meaning at a glance. But choosing which tool to use requires understanding of the need and the features of each technology. Many institutions select one tool and try to use it for all data visualization needs. This often results in a poor user experience that leads to low user adoption rates. This presentation will discuss the factors to consider when selecting your first data visualization projects. Recognizing the differences between dashboards, interactive analysis or graphical reports is crucial to fitting the right tool to your project. Forcing a tool to deliver functionality that is not the primary focus of the tool often results in an awkward experience. Many tools have the flexibility to build and deliver multiple types of graphical products; however if the technique is not aligned with the tool’s strength then your development costs may be too high from a lengthier development effort. Understanding the factors will lead to using the right tool, finding the right project and building a positive user experience.

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Michael Wonderlich

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