Data Warehouse-based Decision Support for Higher Education Management

Presentation Summary

Bodo Rieger, University of Osnabrueck, Germany, Ellen Hoeckmann, Sonja Schulze

This presentation illustrates the implemented concept at the University of Osnabrueck using a flexible, analytical reporting based on a data warehouse to support users' strategical as well as operational decisions effectively. Increasing (inter)national competition in higher education requires efforts of all university members to improve personal and organizational performance. We will present decision support applications for all kinds of members, ranging from executives to faculty, including students as well. Originally started as a pure reporting project in 1998, R&D activities were soon redirected towards decision support for university core processes due to user requirements and acceptance issues. Functions include benchmarks for students to monitor personal performance, exam scheduling using heuristic optimization for faculty members, balanced scorecard based performance monitoring and redesign of study and research programs for campus executives. Actually, users include about 10000 students and 1200 faculty members in 175 programs of study. Presentation focus is given to the critical success factors, e.g. early and continuous involvement of users, serving students and open-minded faculty first, and ongoing adaption to changing requirements, recently including mobile apps.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Bodo Rieger
Ellen Hoeckmann
Sonja Schulze

Presentation Files

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