From Novice to BI Leader: Keys to Developing and Implementing a Successful BI Strategy

Presentation Summary

Bob Duniway - Seattle University

How do you design and implement a successful enterprise data warehouse or other campus wide BI initiative when you’ve never done it before? What does it take to overcome the doubt, confusion, and even active resistance which are too often the initial reactions when proposing to take a major step forward in turning data into accessible and useful information? Equally critical, how do you avoid unrealistic expectations that lead to disappointment and loss of support for ongoing BI efforts? This overview session on developing and pursing a BI strategy will address critical planning work, skill assessment and development, team building, project management strategies, system governance, user support, budget and human resource requests, and alignment of the BI strategy with institutional priorities. If you are new to BI you will leave this session with a general framework for successfully pursuing a long term strategy at your institution. If you have BI experience I hope you will still gain insights about how to enhance the value of your BI efforts through broader integration with planning, operations, and assessment at your institution.

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Bob Duniway

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