Getting information to the people who will use it

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Jamie Balducci, Seattle University

There are two major hurdles for data warehouse interface design: End users need to know how to use the tools, and understand the information provided. This session will describe how we, at SU, have tried to hit the right balance on these hurdles as our report designs have evolved over time. Some concepts include: Building a foundation of common data source views for areas of knowledge – one source of truth. Report metadata, labeling etc. provide “road signs” for rapid adoption. Develop simple tools where users don’t need to understand queries to get the data. Develop a mix of aggregate reports and roster reports to meet a variety of needs. Training to “teach them to fish”: leveraging peer support, excel capabilities, and flexibility to promote self service. Next steps: reports for advanced users who could leverage tools like report builder to self serve.

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Jamie Balducci

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