Getting Started with BI at Miami University

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Phyllis Wykoff - Miami University

Like most Universities, Miami University has a great deal of data but struggled to be able to provide the information executives require for making strategic decisions. A Business Intelligence (BI) solution was the apparent answer to this issue. To gather support and funding for a full BI solution, IT Services partnered with key client office to develop a solution of a pressing business issue. The solution required that data from the Bursar, Registrar, Human resources, Payroll and Finance be combined to provide a comprehensive view of course profitability for summer courses. Over five months the team defined, developed and deployed star schemas and data cubes to provide the needed data for decision making. This project was completed using the tools already in use at Miami and with a minimal budget for consulting.This successful project allow Miami to see firsthand the benefits and potential of a full scale BI deployment. Funding has now been secured to purchase a BI Tool Suite and the selection process is underway. This session will focus on the initial project and lessons learned during (and after) the project.

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Phyllis Wykoff

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