Leveraging Your Influence for Data Management Success (Keynote)

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From Culture Change to Data Transformation, Decision Making, Data Governance (and other topics) there are ample opportunities at the conference to learn strategies and techniques that you can take back to your organizations. Yet incorporating new ideas into existing processes is difficult and often painful, both for organizations AND individuals. Realizing the payoffs of data-driven organizations requires transformation, often against the headwinds of inertia, apathy and lack of understanding.

Whether it is your job to manage this change, or contribute to a key project, your expertise in data management makes you one of the people with the best understanding of the tools and objectives of change. You are in a unique position to influence your projects in a positive way, and help others deal with the adaptations they need to make.

What will your contribution be? What strategies can you use to initiate and nurture transformative projects large and small? How can you leverage what you learn at the conference to make a difference in your organization? Influential individuals and teams can do surprisingly significant things to move the entire organization (and your own careers) along the right path. Maureen Clarry will share practical lessons and tactics that everyone can use to get going, keep on-track and demonstrate success.

Maureen Clarry has spent over thirty years working with hundreds of data management organizations as an analyst, data architect, DBA, project manager, manager, and management consultant. In 1992, she founded CONNECT, an innovative consulting firm focused on helping clients with the technical, data and organizational challenges related to enterprise data initiatives.

After 20 years as CEO of CONNECT, she successfully sold the company to Xtivia, Inc. in 2010. This positive transition enables her to focus her energies on public speaking, teaching and coaching related to the practical organizational, political and people lessons learned from her career experiences. Prior to founding CONNECT, Maureen worked at General Electric and Electronic Data Systems in a variety of technical and management roles. She is a frequent speaker at The Data Warehousing Institute, DAMA, Dataversity, and the University of Denver.

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Maureen Clarry

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