NCATE Reporting: Using a Data Warehouse for NCATE Tracking and Reporting

Presentation Summary

Matt McAuliffe (Salem State University)

The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) requires institutions to track and report on detailed assessment data for their Education majors. At Salem State University we have built some custom PeopleSoft tables to allow faculty to enter that assessment data, and we are also leveraging PeopleSoft’s delivered Academic Advisement functionality to track students’ progress through the various stages of the program. In order to analyze and report on this data easily, we wanted to bring it into our Blackboard Analytics (formerly iStrategy) data warehouse. So we engaged with Blackboard Analytics to design and build several new dimension and fact tables to capture this information and integrate it with the wealth of information already included in their delivered data models. This presentation will describe the content of the new data models, the types of reports we can produce from them, and the process involved in designing, developing and testing this new functionality.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Matt McAuliffe

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