Reviving Data Governance Within the University System of Georgia

Presentation Summary

Marco Cestaro; University System of Georgia

Reviving Data Governance Within the University System of Georgia

Come learn how the University System of Georgia (USG) has been working to establish a formal data governance structure that tries to balance the needs of a system office with realities of working with multiple, diverse campuses. A review of the business drivers, how changing administration, and development of a more stringent data have impacted the process will kick-off the presentation. This will be followed by what the governance structure looks like, how the various groups are intended to function, and who are the players at the various tables. Lessons learned, next steps, and a chance for the group to discuss their data governance experiences will round-out the presentation. Every institution, big small, public private, in a system or not, has the need for data governance. USG has learned just as much from programs that have been successful in small schools as it has for major corporations. This presentation is for anyone who is involved with data governance or how information is used on campus.

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Marco Cestaro

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