Running a BI Shop: Magic, Start-Up or Joint Venture?

Presentation Summary

Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned BI professional, there are some basics (and not so basics) you need to practice to run a successful analytics organization. In this talk, we will cover key concepts that will help you to build, manage and sustain your BI team. Taking the University of Washington and Purdue University as examples, this collaborative talk will share practical tips, from establishing your program, strategic planning, and building the organization to managing the work and marketing your products. The presentation will go beyond the experience of two colleges, by referencing industry best practice recommendations we have found helpful. After the talk, two separate working sessions will offer hands-on interactive opportunity to engage with selected topics covered in the presentation in more detail.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Anja Canfield-Budde
Aaron Walz

Presentation Files

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