SOCCCD Using SharePoint to manage our Community College Data Warehouse’s Metadata Process

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Denice Inciong, South Orange County Community College District, Tamara King, Systems Manager and Tasha Trankiem, Programmer Analyst

We started our data warehouse with a very loose set of standards on metadata and as we developed reports things quickly got out of control. Over the past year we have created a report catalog, a set of reporting standards, and a system to document data element information as well as calculations in reports. We have three main pieces in our process.• The Report Catalog- inventories all of the reports in inFORM, as well as our IT transactional system.• The inFORM Glossary – has the metadata for our database data sets.• The Reporting Glossary – has the metadata that is embedded in our reports. We had looked at outside software, but with our internal team of developers we created our own system using SharePoint lists and Reporting Services to manage our metadata. The goal is to have this metadata easily accessible so that we eliminate redundancies in request for reports, establish a standard look and feel for navigating reports and assist in training users find reports and information they need.

It was a difficult and sometimes painful alignment but we have come to feel this effort has created a successful process appreciated by management, developers and especially our users.

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Denice Inciong
Tamara King
Tasha Trankiem

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