Tuition Distribution at the University of Pennsylvania

Presentation Summary

Francesca Seidita, University of Pennsylvania
Ed Stemmler, University of Pennsylvania

The design and implementation of a Dimensional Model used for communicating as well as distributing tuition revenue from a central Billing & Receivables (BRS) system to schools using a RCM financial system. Penn’s previous tuition distribution process consisted of manual calculations by the comptroller’s office using student registration counts and tuition income from the BRS system. The process was essentially black box, with little transparency. The new model, based on Kimball’s methodology, consists of a dimensional model which supports analyses by courses, students, instructors, across five snapshots each term. The registration data, tuition revenue, and distribution values are fully accessible by the financial administrators using Business Objects across the University.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Ed Stemmler
Francesca Seidita

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