Using Semantic Wiki in HE Data Warehousing

Presentation Summary

Sonja Schulze and Bodo Rieger; University of Osnabrueck

Using Semantic Wiki in HE Data Warehousing

This presentation will illustrate the recently designed prototype SEMUOS, developed at the University of Osnabrueck using a semantic wiki for collaborative knowledge management to support BI users with background information to better understand data warehouse-based applications and share experiences with others. An increasing degree of complexity in reports and the exploding number of analyses available for strategical and operational decision support make it imperative to use a platform to communicate used terms, explain meanings of used facts and make it available to both BI user and developer. The open source technology Semantic Media Wiki, as an extension to Media Wiki engine, provides a framework for building semantic wiki sites. By adding semantics to wiki sites users can search for information more efficiently with the inbuilt query language e.g. not only to display meta data information about a cube or report but also to ask about the number of dimensions available, to show all reports that use a specific fact or to search for more information and explanations about the dimensions/facts used in a report. Additionally, users can act as authors and share their own experience with analytical reports by easily editing wiki sites in the web browser and directly publishing it to the audience.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Sonja Schulze
Bodo Rieger

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