Waterfall Withdrawal: Delivering Datamarts on a Dime with Agile

Presentation Summary

Rick Getty, University of Illinois, Beth Ladd

Everyone is talking about Agile. They say the benefits are that you can deliver faster results, changes are easily incorporated, and teams are self managing requiring less management overhead. So why aren’t you doing it? Moving from a traditional project methodology with rigid timelines and clear deliverables to an Agile framework can be scary for the team and a hard sell to project sponsors. The University of Illinois faced our fears and overcame them to successfully deploy a complex Datamart.

This presentation we will compare and contrast waterfall and Agile project methodologies through giving a brief history of BI project management at the University of Illinois. We will provide a case study of our pilot project which used an Agile framework to build a Datamart, describe the challenges we face and the lessons that we’ve learned. Finally, we will describe the hybrid methodology in use today and provide tips and tricks for getting started and for modifying Agile methodology for use in your BI shop.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Rick Getty
Beth Ladd

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