When you need help, Who do you call?

Presentation Summary

Steven Chang (Pima Community College), John Van Weeren (ASR Analytics, LLC), Kevin Meldorf (ASR Analytics, LLC)

Many Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse projects are led by internal institutional staff, often new to the field and the skills necessary for success. This can lead to a slow start while ramping up with training and project organization. It is also easier to fall into common traps that can lead to limited success or failure. Furthermore, when there are recommendations to be made, especially those that require significant resources, reorganization, or funding, the phrase “A prophet is not accepted in his own hometown” is never more true. It can be difficult to overcome the inertia and campus politics that are inevitably encountered during these types of projects.

Learn how Pima CC went to RFP to find the expertise to accelerate their project and bring external perspective that added credibility to senior leadership and those approving resources. Find out what approaches and skills are best left to the experts at early stages of a BI and DW project to make progress and see quick results. Pima will share their rationale and process for going outside the institution as well as the differentiators that led to the selection of ASR Analytics to assist them with their large, multi-year data warehouse project. Additionally, ASR will share their “Full-Circle BI” methodology and “Institutional Intelligence Framework” which contain the key components of People, Process, and Technology necessary to ensure project success.

Presentation Speaker(s)

Steven Chang
John Van Weeren
Kevin Meldorf

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