Seize the Day!

In 2006, my then-CIO tasked me with learning about ‘this data warehousing thing’.  I fired up Google, typed in ‘Data Warehouse Higher Education’ and got a hit – Higher Education Data Warehousing Forum.  “Sounds pretty on the nose to me”, I thought and thus began a relationship with an organization that has changed my life and changed the institutions I worked for, all for the better.

In those early days I would read every post with a thirst for the knowledge they offered.  The community was, and still is, extraordinarily generous.  I remember long, detailed responses from people like me who were trying to figure out how to apply dimensional data modeling concepts to our weird world of higher education. I could see new vistas opening up and I wanted to be part of it.

Fast forward 10 years.  The call for board nominations goes out on the Forum, as it did two days ago, and one of my colleagues asks me “are you interested?”  I thought about the intervening years, during which I launched two BI initiatives.    I thought about how finding HEDW led me to a wealth of knowledge that laid the foundations for a career in data and reporting, in putting the power of information into the hands of those who need it (or trying to anyway).  I thought about the interesting colleagues I met at the conferences over the years, and I said ‘Yes!’  It was time to give back and to make sure that this valuable, volunteer-led organization continued to thrive.

Is it time for you to give back?  Serving on the HEDW Board is interesting and challenging work, filled with a sense of purpose and a lot of laughter with amazing people.  If you are at all interested, please consider running for a board seat.  Help us shape the future of data-driven decision making at universities around the world as we adapt to the rapidly changing landscape we inhabit.