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Nov 6, 2019 2pm EST - Balancing Competing Priorities and Succeeding in Data Governance The Practitioner's Data Governance Balancing Act

Anne Buff Director of Data Governance Envolve Health November 6, 2019 2 PM ET Building and managing a successful data governance program is no easy feat. If you were given a blank slate and had all the time and resources you needed, you could likely build the Data Governance program of your dreams. But it doesn't work that way. Data Governance is rarely built from scratch and it isn't built in a vacuum. Heck, you are lucky to even get a few moments of peace to think strategically. There are pockets of data quality, areas of strong and weak data management, and maybe even some previous attempts at governance. Home-grown businesses processes abound and there are plenty of "data priorities" to go around and every one of them is the most important, right? So, with all the competing needs and challenges how do you prioritize, balance, and make Data Governance happen successfully? In this webinar, you will learn - from a Data Governance practitioner and industry leader - ways to build and manage your Data Governance program while sifting through noise and handling everything else that is thrown at you daily. You will learn tips and tricks to establish governance in small, iterative steps towards building the strong, enduring program you always wanted it to be. Register here: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001TGPZRT2IxpTzxyiUnAyDHezPIT57SlgGQN2nym6jXqDN5BZe5LTU06HO1oyCTaWmVVSdy4Iy7F1-kTgmqGbUbZLxU-MgD6wZWmQxUBE1DDgRWmAP9Ine0knB-3TsfpIpKqWWOzOBWBseafFZJp-KYTUKDsSeg2e-eIVW-_jIl6KtLYVWe2f9j3TwG9jQmDFqroxZ_uxYr4Dx4DHC-mi5JkTfrNlL3Ql2NrhAWIDRI58=&c=OxvrkBv6mUKGU8OJZCWCyIKr2Th0qg1V-9dqZ1-aSNJXYcpmUIjKMw==&ch=n9OE0MsRCxt0HA7XfmnW6nXqALpT_35VtbRXCAJYFLnCTLnqDUOc1w==