Upcoming Webinars & Meeting Sessions/ “Birds of a Feather”

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June 3rd – Birds of a Feather Conversation -Data Modeling

Topic: Discussion around Data Model sharing

In this session you are invited to discuss and contribute to the frequently requested topic, Sharing Data Models. The HEDW site has started a repository for users to share and ask questions about data modeling, and is looking for contributions of models and their properties/anomalies for people to benefit from

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July 8 4 pm EST – Birds of a Feather Conversation – Preparing Next Gen staff

Topic: Preparing the Next Gen of BI/DW Professionals

In this session, we are interested in hearing how your hiring practices keep up with the technologies you introduce, and how you prepare the next generation of business intelligence/ data warehousing professionals to enter your institution! Are you looking at switching the skill sets, introducing cloud and its support requirements, or just how to onboard new folks to your infrastructure and processes?

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