Upcoming Webinars

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Jan 16 RWDG Webinar: Non-Invasive Metadata Governance

Join Bob Seiner for a webinar that focuses on the governance of metadata following the non-invasive approach. In this session, Bob will share tips and techniques for assuring that the appropriate metadata is being collected and utilized to support your Data Governance program. 

In this webinar, Bob will discuss: 

  • Concepts of Non-Invasive Metadata Governance 
  • Metadata as a valuable data resource 
  • Aligning Data Governance with Metadata Governance 
  • Implementing effective Metadata Governance tools 
  • Maximizing metadata resources with accountability 


Feb 20 RWDG Webinar: Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Catalogs Result in Data Governance

Bob Seiner will highlight the aspects of delivering these valuable business assets that result in formal Data Governance. It is practical that your program recognize existing efforts to formalize the definition, production, and usage of data.

Topics to be discussed in this webinar:

  • How glossaries, dictionaries, and catalogs add value
  • What should be included in these assets
  • Who has responsibility for these assets
  • When these assets will be valuable to your organization
  • Where the discipline results in Data Governance