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Welcome to the HEDW Video Library. You will find a library of videos from conference presentations, subject matter experts, and webinars for your consumption. Content will be updated as videos become available after the annual conference

The conference video series, begun in 2017, can be accessed via these links or you may search the topics below:

2019 Conference- University of Michigan

2018 Conference- Oregon State University

2017 Conference- University of Arizona


Videos By Topic

I am so thankful that HEDW has made these videos available to the membership. What a wonderful service!
Dale Amburgey
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
I echo Dale's comments. I find myself referencing the videos daily. They make me a better human.
Jeff Meteyer
University of Rochester
I echo Jeff echoing Dale's comments. The information contained in these videos will transform the University of Louisville
Dave Baugh
University of Louisville