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9/21/2023. Three universities journey towards a Snowflake Data Warehouse – Panel Discussion

How three universities (Brown, Florida State University and UPenn) approached acquiring and developing a cloud data warehouse on Snowflake. Challenges encountered, lessons learned, and future initiatives will be shared.


7/20/2023.  Progress and obstacle toward fulfilling data governance program’s promise

While there is a general recognition that Data Governance has the potential to support and improve institutional analytics, policy design, and decision making, the path to fulfilling the potential is often a complicated path that winds through both institutional and technical barriers. This panel brings together institutional data governance leaders to discuss their program vision, activities, successes, and challenges.



2/15/2023.  Analysis of Surveys

Please join the second session in this HEDW webinar series with guest presenter David Eubanks of Furman University discussing common pain points in gathering and warehousing survey data. This session focuses on analyzing the data from surveys.  It’s helpful to know what the end use of the data structure is when building and maintaining it.  Includes a combination demo of tools in R and PowerBI and analytical techniques, including some free software you can use right away.

2/8/2023.  Discussion of Common Pain Points in Gathering and Warehousing Survey Data

Please join this HEDW webinar series with guest presenter David Eubanks of Furman University discussing common pain points in gathering and warehousing survey data. The first session includes a demo of one solution using R, Qualtrics, and MS-SQL, showing DB design compromising between speed and size.  Will use R library functions that allow easy queries.





1/24/2023.  PowerBI Dashboards – Tennessee Style!

Please join HEDW for a look at Power BI dashboards utilized at three Tennessee institutions. 

  • Tracking Course Offerings by Location for SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy Compliance using Power BI, Walter State Community College
  • Engaging with the Data: Utilizing Data Dashboards to Enhance Institutional Knowledge, Motlow State Community College
  • Attendance Matters: How data led to a collaborative, campus-wide effort to increase student success, Tennessee Wesleyan University


1/11/2023.  Reporting and Integration Discussions for the Workday Platform

Discussions around standards defined by University of Rochester; includes some thoughtful tips and tricks for reporting and for Integrations.  Please join Jeff Meteyer from the University of Rochester as he discusses ‘Reporting and Integration Discussions for the Workday Platform.


12/08/2022.  Journey with Data Visualizations

Data Virtualization is becoming more popular to enhance access to data while reducing the amount of data duplication. There are benefits to individual users in a university and the data governance as a whole. In this webinar we will describe a starting point and what a mature implementation looks like, so you can envision what may work for you in your institution.


11/30/2022.  New Institutional Data Strategy – Gathering Insights

See a roundtable/birds of a feather discussion by several institutions on Institutional Data Strategy.


7/20/2022.  ETL Tools and Cloud

See a roundtable/birds of a feather discussion by several institutions on ETL tools and the cloud.


3/1/2022.  Dashboards for Retention, Enrollment and Academic Performance

Miami University of Ohio showcases how they use dashboards for presenting data for Retention, Enrollment and Academic Performance.


2/23/2022.  Free Your Data in Tableau

Sherri Flaks from Johns Hopkins University explains how you can use your SAP data with Tableau


11/17/2021. Data Governance – History, Present, and Future

Augie Freda from the University of Notre Dame has been a regular presenter at HEDW Conferences on the topic of Data Governance and has also been a resource for others as they embarked on their data governance journeys.  Augie is retiring and has graciously agreed to do a webinar on Data Governance – history, present, and future.  In addition to the recording, there is a copy of the presentation from the webinar as well as a copy of the Data Access Guiding Principles mentioned on the webinar.


10/6/2021.  Update: A student touch-point universe

The October webinar will feature an update by Mick Haney on extending and realigning the 2019 HEDW Conference Presentation titled “A Student Touch-Point Universe’.

The presentation will highlight necessary changes to the 2019 model design, introduce levels to support header and trailer years, discuss milestone support within the model, and drill down into levels supporting program and plan information over time.

Following the concept work, he will “open the hood”, looking into processes and actual table design to stand up the key tables supporting the infrastructure. This will then move to see how the key tables drive the population of both fact and dimension tables for an integrated data-warehouse. He will spend some time looking at dimension enhancement processes.

Lastly, he will show some SQL samples that utilize the integrated structure to answer business questions. Sandip Thanki, their Tableau Guru, will be available to discuss Tableau usage of the model.

09/18/2021. Data Viz Style Guide – What is it, why you need it, and how to create one, part 2

Based on the feedback from the 2021 HEDW Conference session, ‘Data Viz Style Guide – What is it, Why You Need it and How to Create one’, Nadya Balabanova from UC-Irvine is leading a panel discussion webinar where members from several HEDW member schools will briefly share their experiences creating dashboard style guides followed by discussion and audience questions.  The original session content can be found here.


8/12/2020.  Preparing Next Gen BI/DW Staff

In this session, we discuss what changes are coming to BI/DW teams, what strategies exist to bring new hires on board, and  how to identify and train individuals.


7/8/20 When it comes to BI Tools, Is More Better?

This is a follow-up to the HEDW session “When it comes to BI Tools, Is More Better?  A panel         discussion on the pros and cons of using multiple BI tools within an institution.” The panel of 4 speakers will again introduce their respective university and its approach to this topic. Afterwards, they will address some of the unanswered questions from the HEDW virtual conference and allow time for additional questions at the end.


6/10/20    Data Model sharing and maintenance

In this session 113 users participated in the frequently requested topic, Sharing Data Models. The HEDW site has started a repository for users to share and ask questions about data modeling, and is looking for contributions of models and their properties/anomalies for people to benefit from.