Welcome to the HEDW Blog!

Greetings, HEDW friends!

Fall is finally upon us, by the calendar and the weather outside, and the return of bustle to our campuses.  This is also the start of a new planning season for HEDW, which kicked off with our annual Board meeting a couple weeks ago in Tucson, the beautiful site of our 2017 conference.

This is HEDW’s 14th year, and over the past years we’ve been thrilled to see more and more folks from institutions around the U.S. and beyond join our community.  This year and beyond, I hope that we all can build on the great relationships already established and forge new connections as we collaborate, commiserate, and share experiences in higher education data warehousing and analytics.

With that in mind, the Board has chosen a thematic goal for this year to “Consciously experiment with alternate means of engaging the membership”.  In support of this, we’ll be exploring ways to keep the enthusiasm and collaboration we see at our annual conferences strong all year long.  In particular, we’re:

  • Exploring webinar technology for use in structured presentations, group discussions, and other ways.
  • Planning regular blog entries to share thoughts and wonderings with the community – this is the first!

And, of course, our core activities continue:

  • Gearing up for our 2017 conference, in sunny Tucson, hosted by the University of Arizona, April 23rd – 26th, 2017
  • Ongoing research work, including our Research Top 10 survey, and continuing maturity work
  • Online discussion forums on hedw.org.

You can find the roster of current Board members on the HEDW site at https://hedw.org/about-us/executive-board/.  Please feel free to reach out to us via the contact link on the same page, or in the new “Ask the Board” forum thread.

I’m so glad to be part of this vibrant community, and to have met and learned from – in person or virtually – so many of you.  I hope to see you online in the forums and at the conference in Tucson!

— Amy

Amy A. Miller, HEDW President 2016-2017
IT Director, Enterprise Information & Analytics, University of Pennsylvania