What’s new? Webinars!

HEDW is proud to present two webinars this summer.

This first webinar from University of Illinois’ project to create a data virtualization service for the university.  The second webinar is a follow-up from the HEDW Conference panel session on Data Governance.  For more details and to sign up, visit the Events page in HEDW.org.

HEDW 2023 Conference and a new Board team

A special thank you to all that attended the 2023 HEDW Conference in Ogden, Utah this year!

Hosted by Weber State University, conference chair Dr. Heather Chapman treated the attendees to the beautiful landscapes of the Wasatch mountains surrounding Ogden and its campus. We had over 220 attendees for our first return to in-person conference in 3 years! With the support of 10 sponsors this year, we were able to bring 78 institutions together to share ideas and content.

As we reflected on our 20 year history this year of higher educational institution participating, we also discussed at our business meeting where we are progressing into the future. We noted that the increase in content this year on our website and to your usage, was highly regarded by the members of HEDW. The continued pattern of sharing experiences, sharing technologies, and sharing solutions to problems was key in making a non-profit institution like HEDW relevant for people in their professional endeavors. As I spoke at the business meeting populated by the attendees, I emphasized the reason why we perform the conference, and what we offer the other 11 months of the year to the community: the ability to network, interact and learn from each other and from outside providers such as our conference sponsors.

As we transition to a newly elected board, we wish to continue to solicit experiences and materials from the higher ed community; we want to gather data models and webinar suggestions, we wish to involve sponsors for the conference in more events and content, while still maintaining our vendor agnostic beliefs. We want to understand what challenges you’re encountering in this new “normal” of a work environment, and how technology is going to be used to address requirements from your institutions. Its foundational in our organization that knowledge be gathered, shared and available easily and completely.

As we continue some post conference activity, we will be announcing when the presentations and videos will be made available, as well as future event calendars.


Thank you,

Jeff Meteyer

Past President HEDW 2024


A valuable feature of HEDW.org is the Forum section.  While most members are aware that section exists, we would like to share a few ways that you can better leverage the value of that section.

  1. Subscribe to forums.  How do you do that?  Simply go to the Forum tab at the top of this page.  Once in the Forum area, click on the particular forums that you want to follow.  Once inside each forum, click on the ‘Subscribe’ link in the top right of the forum page.
  2. Subscribe to the Announcement forum.  This forum is where all of the general announcements are posted and guarantees that you will always know what is going on with HEDW.
  3. Utilize the digest feature.  Everyone is busy and so finding time to visit HEDW.org on a regular basis may not always be possible.  A great way to keep up with the Forums that you are subscribed to is to utilize the Digest feature.  To set the Digest feature, click on ‘Edit Profile’ on the upper right portion of this page.  That will take you to the Edit page.  In the middle of the page is the ‘bbPress Digest Emails’ section.  In this section,  you can chose the frequency, time and forums that included in the Digest.  Once complete, please click on ‘Update Profile’ at the bottom of the page.  Please note that you have the ability to get updates from all Forums here.

Taking these steps will allow you to better leverage your HEDW membership and get regular updates about what is going on, both within the Forum section and with HEDW.  Any questions can be sent to the HEDW Communication Committee.  Go update now!


Would you like to see your name in print?  We are always looking for contributors and think you could be a star!  Articles are a great way to share your knowledge and promote sharing within HEDW.  Interested?  Please contact the HEDW Communication Committee.  We would love to hear from you