HEDW 2022 Conference Call for Proposals Now Open!

On behalf of the HEDW Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce the initial call for conference presentation proposals for the 2022 HEDW Conference, hosted by the University of Illinois. This conference will be held virtually, but we are planning to bring you the same high-level content you are used to!

This year, the conference will be split across two weeks. We’ve done this to accommodate the online format, and to hopefully keep participants from the fatigue of listening to online presenters for a full day. Instead, we’re planning 4 smaller chunks. The conference will start on April 20-21 (Wed/Thurs), and will continue the following week on April 25-26 (Mon/Tues). Please keep this in mind as you plan your proposal submission!

This year, we have 3 different presentation options for you to choose from:

  • Standard Presentations (1 hour: 45 minutes on a single topic + 15 minutes for questions)
  • Panel Presentations ((1 hour Q&A session with panel of 3-4 experts on a particular topic)
  • Interactive Sessions (1 hour: 45 minutes demonstration or “how-to” talk + 15 minutes for questions

We hope that these options provide enough range that you can easily see yourself and some of the ideas that you have easily fitting into one or the other.

As always, we invite all of you, regardless of expertise level, to submit a proposal. The more we hear from you, the better we address the needs of our members. If there is a thorny problem you have solved, or an innovative way you have addressed a problem, chances are that someone else in the membership has a similar question.

As many of you know, the success of this conference depends on the open sharing of many individuals across the institutions. We could not put on such a great and informative conference without you! Please consider submitting a proposal to present at the 2021 conference. This is a terrific opportunity to share what you have learned in your project endeavors.

If you are curious about what is required of a proposal or to submit a proposal, please visit the conference webpage here and then click on Call for Proposals.

The deadline for submissions is December 20, 2021. Acceptance decisions will be made and presenters notified by early February of 2022. As in previous years, the conference registration fee will be waived for all primary presenters and co-presenters will be granted a 50% credit toward the conference fee. These waivers are granted regardless of the presentation format.

We look forward to seeing you virtually in April. If you have questions about submitting a presentation proposal, please contact me at heatherchapman@weber.edu or 801-710-5987.


Heather Chapman
2022 HEDW Conference Program Chair
Weber State University


Would you like to see your name in print?  We are always looking for contributors and think you could be a star!  Articles are a great way to share your knowledge and promote sharing within HEDW.  Interested?  Please contact the HEDW Communication Committee.  We would love to hear from you