HEDW 2022 Conference Update

Producing an in-person conference requires a number of contracts and the lead times on those contracts require making decisions well in advance of the conference.  As we approach the deadlines associated with the HEDW 2022 conference, the HEDW Board has been discussing our options with regards to an in-person conference.   HEDW has consistently focused on making the conference affordable and thus, the discussions include not only the costs involved but also the availability of budget for members to attend.  In talking with some of the membership, two things have become clear.  First, regardless of what state the coronavirus pandemic is at, the impact on budgets is real this year and the first impact is usually travel and thus, conference attendance. We have heard from our HEDW Community that the budget tightening continues to occur as the fall semester has gotten started. Second, it is impossible to predict where we will be with the coronavirus in the spring and thus for planning purposes, we have to assume that the conditions might not be much different than today and have looked at some of the logistics and costs associated with either an in person or hybrid conference. The requirements that states may impose for pre-conference and post conference testing ,and the impact on attendees to locate testing facilities while at the conference, may result in a negative experience for you and the conference teams.

The HEDW Board fully understands the benefits of an in-person conference experience and would prefer for the HEDW 2022 Conference to either be in person or at least hybrid.  We also must be realistic about budgets, logistics, and costs, and after careful consideration, have made the decision that it is not feasible to have an in-person conference this year and thus HEDW 2022 conference will be virtual.  We are as disappointed as you are in not being able to gather in person;  one advantage of making the decision now is that we can start focusing on the virtual conference experience.  The HEDW Board is already looking at options and our goal is to provide a more robust virtual experience this year.  Stay tuned for more details.

The strength of HEDW has always been its members and the strength of the HEDW Conferences has been the willingness of those members to share their experiences and expertise.  We sincerely hope you will be able to submit a presentation this year and look forward to hearing about and seeing what our members are doing.  Communication on dates and deadlines will be coming out soon and please look for that information through the Announcements forum and digest.

We continue to find ourselves in unprecedented times that affect us both personally and professionally.  We appreciate your continued support of HEDW and hope this decision and format allows many of you to participate in the HEDW 2022 Conference.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share those via email to hedwcomm@hedw.org.  Stay safe!


Jeff Meteyer, President

HEDW Board


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