HEDW 2023 Conference – Call for Proposals

The HEDW 2023 Conference Call for Proposals is now open!  This is your chance to share your knowledge and experiences in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligences and all things Data.  For more information, click on the conference link in the sidebar.


David Eubanks from Furman University will be doing a two session webinar on Gathering and Warehousing Survey Data.  The first session will focus on common pain points in gathering and warehousing survey data.  The second session will focus on analyzing the data collected in surveys.  Both sessions will include demos using common tools such as R, Qualtrics, MS-SQL, and PowerBI.

To register, visit the Events page.


From a webinar question to action! We have posted a Report requirements template developed by one of the universities being used in their Workday implementation, and we wanted to share! Report templates (and other items like data models) can be located in the Library/Data Models and Templates page – for free!


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