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Top 10 Trends from the 2018 HEDW Survey

As part of the yearly conference cycle, the Research Chair members ( Hank Childers-Univ of Arizona, Aaron Walz – Purdue University) issue a survey to the HEDW members to gather thoughts from the trenches on functional areas and technology trends, with the intent of sharing these results out to the HEDW members. This year’s filtration process of responses has yielded great insights from categories such as Organization & Culture, Technology, People ( skills & market), Higher Education Issues and Opportunities, and Data governance. Click here to see their video presentation and materials.

The HEDW website offers multiple resources to utilize when you are confronted with gathering information or researching trends in Higher Ed for data gathering , usage, and representation. Check out what we have to offer with regards to blogs, videos, forum discussions, webinars  and other items for you, the real-world decision maker and consumer of the services; whether you are a CIO or data analyst, the HEDW site a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experiences as a resource for your informational needs.


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