Data Quality Best Practices and Tool to Manage Data Quality and a Data Catalog – presented by IData

Managing data is difficult and maintaining high data quality is even more so especially when a data warehouse is involved.  But higher education institutions demand high data quality so that they can make informed decisions and deliver accurate information to others, inside and outside of the institution.  In the 1st part of this 90 minute session you will learn about the best practices in data governance / data intelligence around data quality and taking a customer service approach to data governance. In the second half of the session we will demonstrate the data quality and data catalog features of the Data Cookbook data governance / data intelligence solution that relate to individuals using a data warehouse.

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Ted Bross from Princeton University was one of the original founders of HEDW some 20 years ago.  He has served in several leadership positions in HEDW and continues to support the organization including numerous conference presentations.  As he now closes in on retirement, we invited him to speak on several topics related to BI.  Last month, it was the ‘The Future of BI’ as he provided his perspective on what the future looked like.  This month, it is ‘Starting or Advancing a Career in BI’.  Check out the Blog to hear his thoughts on both topics.


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