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HEDW’s Mission is based on sharing information and our efforts focus on ways to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices as it relates to knowledge management. Members have advocated for more opportunities to share and learn and based on feedback from the last Happy Hour, we are proud to announce the addition of Tech Tips to the HEDW website. What exactly are Tech Tips?

Tech Tips are tips and tricks that you have learned about specific processes or products that have helped you in your job and that you would think others would benefit from. To submit one for sharing, please send an description of your tip or trick to While we appreciate your willingness to share, please make sure you are authorized to share that information prior to submitting. Once submitted, the description will be reviewed and then posted in the Tips and Tricks section of the Library in

As you consider submitting your Tip or Trick, also consider presenting at the 2021 HEDW Conference. Proposal Submission is now open.

Thank you for being a part of the HEDW community!